Requirements for Marriage

Requirements for Marriage

PLEASE NOTE: When you are booking a wedding at the Cathedral, please give as  much notice as possible to the Cathedral Office, in case the time and the day you wish to book your wedding has already been taken

1. It is   required that both partners, or one at least, should have been baptised as a   Christian. If both partners are Roman Catholics, they cannot be married at   St. Christopher’s Cathedral Under no circumstances can any church in Bahrain marry   someone who has been born a Muslim, or who has embraced the Islamic faith by   conviction or for any other reason.
2. For all who to be married sworn affidavits are required from their respective Embassies, or from a solicitor, stating clearly that there are no impediments and that they are free to enter into a legal marriage. These documents are to be handed over to the cathedral before the ceremony can take place.Citizens from the Philippines need to have a Certificate of Singleness from the Philippines or they are likely to find that the Philippines Embassy will not authorize their marriage certificate. An Affidavit is not sufficient.
3. Should you wish to contact a solicitor in Bahrain it is recommended that you contact:
Mr. Hamza Saleem
GP Corp Tower
16th Floor
Bahrain Financial Harbour District
Manama, Bahrain
Tel: +973 1722 5151 / Fax: +973 1722 4744
4. A mutually agreed time with the Dean for an interview and preparation prior to performing the marriage service should be made (the Dean’s mobile phone – 39522547) or contact the cathedral office
5. Fees:
Service Fee – BD.300
If you require the Cathedral to produce witnesses an additional charge of BD.5 per witness will be made.
6. Florist:Should you wish to obtain flowers for the church and the bride and her attendants, our recommended florist is Singapore Flowers. Contact details: P.O. Box 11107, Manama, Bahrain – Tel: +973 1774 2456 / Fax: +973 1771 4947.
7. Organist:should you wish to have the services of an organist, please inform   the cathedral office. Fee for an Organist is BD.35
8. Photographs: Photographs or a video   may be taken during the service by a member of the family or a friend or by a   professional photographer of your choice, but please liaise with the Dean or   Chaplain taking the service. We will want you to have good photographs of your   special day, but we also want to protect you from intrusive photography and   preserve the sanctity of your Marriage service as an act of worship.
9. Passports may be required as a form of identification.
10. Should either or both partners have been married before, the original document of the final divorce decree must   be presented either to the Embassy or the solicitor.
11. Please avoid Sundays and Fridays for weddings. On these days the cathedral is in use all day for regular worship services.
12. If requested, marriages may be conducted at Awali Community Church, with the permission of BAPCO Oil Company.
13. Following the wedding, marriage certificates must be registered at the following offices:
a) The Registration Office of the Ministry of  Justice and Islamic Affairs.
Contact: Tel: +973 1752 2358 – a small fee is payable
b) The Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Contact: Tel: +973 1722 7555 – a small fee is payable
c) Those who are resident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must register their certificates at the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia once the Ministry stamps have been obtained.
Contact: Tel. +973 1753 7222
d) U.S. Citizens need to attend at the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy. In all other cases, please consult your Embassy to find out their requirements. Fees will be charged
The arrangements may take up to two working days

Mr. Hugh Stokes at the Law Offices of Al Mahmood and Zu’bi (see contact details   above) is in a position to arrange for documents to be stamped at the various   ministries, for a fee.Should you require more detailed information please contact the cathedral office by phone, fax or email.

Cathedral Office
P.O. Box 36
Manama, State of Bahrain
Telephone +973 1725 3866
Fax: +973 1724 6436


The Dean, the Very Rev’d Chris Butt